Mobile: Stomprun (Unity) - Lemon Studio - GalaLab

- Art Director

      - Character edit, animation

      - Visual effect and sound

      - Implementing new graphic related features

      - Cutscene and cinematics using 


Ragnar's Retribution: Fight for Hexall (Indie Project)

- Environment Artist

- In development


Sneakpunk - Vancouver Film School 2013 (Unity)

- Artist
- 150+ Modular Art Assets / 3 Animating Characters / Full City Model

- Lighting, GUI, Trailer Editing


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Banner Final 2_2.jpg
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Lazy Lumberjack - Vancouver Film School 2012 (Flash)

- Interface Artist 

- Main Menu, Control, Credit, Score boards

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Lose Screen.JPG
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Within - DeVry University 2011 (Require Game Maker Pro)

- Cinematic Designer 

- Opening Cinematic, Ending Cinematic, Cut-Scenes

My First Maze Game - DeVry University 2010

- Whole game and level design

- Character Sprite and BGM are from other games.