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Environment Work


Ragnar's Retribution

Fight for Hexall


Ragnar's Retribution

Custom Level with Orc Theme Assets

Custom Level no in gameplay made for Visual Art Contest. All of the assets in this level is going to be used for the main gameplay

Area 1

Viking Concept

No modeled yet made for this Area















<- Concept Image for the game

Area 2


Forest Concept Level between Area 1 and Area 3


Few models made including Rock and Trees













<- Concept Image for the game

Area 3

Orc Concept

Orc fortress level 


Most of the Assets are m

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Sneakpunk Modular Assets

All of the Sneakpunk levels are build with modular assets. There are about 150 modular art asset pieces made within 4 month period of development time and about 100 assets were used in the game

Lisapor City

2013 04

Polycount: Aprox 1.5 Milion

City created for Sneakpunk. Created Several buildings and factories in maya and combined to create a city. Used for opening/ending of the game and also used in game for vista point views

Factory Theme Assets

Factory theme assets used for many transition areas and used heavily on the level 4 of the Sneakpunk

Computer Lab Theme Assets

Computer lab theme assets used for level 2 of the Sneakpunk

Lobby Theme Assets

Lobby theme assets. Used mostly on the level 1 of the Sneakpunk

Extra Assets

Assets used here and there no specific theme.

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Before 2012~

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