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Desert City

Harbor City

City Updates

Medieval Ship (Galleon)

2013 - 09/01 - Current

Mini Cooper

2013 - 08/21 - 08-27


Making Low Rez Mini-Cooper for Maya Pratice

Polycount = 4724

Despicable me Minion (Sejong)

2013 - 08/27 - 08/28

Making Custom Minion from Despicable Me


Sejong the Great, one of the famous king in the Korea in 1390s


Appear as a leader in Civilization 5 with Korea DLC

Orgrimmar (World of Warcraft)

2013 - 07 - Current


Rebuilding City of Orgrimmar from World of Warcraft


Fantasy Theme City Build Practice

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In Progress

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Reference Image

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