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Sneakpunk (Vancouver Film School) 

Jan 2013 - Jun 2013

Sneakpunk is First Person Stealth game 

made as a Student Project in Vancouver Film School Game Design in Unity 3D Engine.


My Role: Lead Artist (Character, Environment, Lighting, Animation, UI, Etc..)


- 150+ Modular Art Assets / 3 Fully rigged and animated character

LDD Full City Model


- Lighting, GUI, Trailer Video Editing




Lisapor (Sneakpunk)


Sneakpunk Trailer


Sneakpunk characters


Characters made and used for Sneakpunk.


Valeria (Left): Main hero of the game. Have first person view version with just arm and full character version (above) for cinematics and trailers


Enemy Guard (Right): Main enemy in the game. Have different alert animations happens with walking animations

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