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Technical Works

As a Senior Technical Artist, my main focus is to create fun and easy tools and pipelines to automate the creation of stunning environments. Using the latest programs and tools, I bring to life rich, complex environments that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

Ironman Controller 2020

- Using various third-party assets. Created a mobile controller demo that may work with any navigation-based scene.

​- Customized controller 

- Customized various VFX from asset stores to best fit the Ironman-style combat

- Created enemy AI with a custom shader that interacts when hit and killed


Ironman Controller

- Can move/fly/attack 

using mobile sticks and buttons

Enemy Spawning

- Monsters keep on spawning in spawning areas and interact with player

Monster Shader

- Shaders created Amplify Shader

- Monster blink when hit and disintegrate when HP reaches 0



Advanced Resource Checker

Made upgrade version of Unity's Resource Checker Advanced Resource Checker

Advanced Resource Checker is Resource Checker tool with some new additional features

Grid Spawner

Editor extension for Unity that simplifies the process of populating game scenes with objects (prefabs). Designed to maximize efficiency and aesthetic appeal, this tool automatically calculates the size of a designated area and spawns a specified prefab across the plane, ensuring optimal space utilization without overcrowding or underutilization.



Unity Object Tool

Add more function to manage game objects in Unity Engine Object Controller

Asset Store

World Creator 2 Shader

- Shaders created using node base system (Amplify Shader)

- Terrain Shader simulates all the properties in the World Creator 2 Engine.

- Used to create an optimized method to import a landscape from World Creator 2 (High Performance)
- Mobile Friendly

Asset Store

Sea Shader

- Shaders created using node base system (Amplify Shader)

- A water shader with realistic wave movement and foams works on Mobile.

- Available in Asset Store

- Mobile Friendly

Custom (Distance-based) LOD System for Unity

- Scripted to override Unity LOD Group System

Rather than having ambiguous distance value for LOD changing

User can input actual distance between camera and object

to Force LOD to certain group





(Top) Object forced to LOD2 regardless of what LOD Group shows




(Bottom) Object forced to LOD1 regardless of what LOD Group shows