TA Works

My Unity Work (Youtube)

World Creator 2 Shader (Unity Asset Store)

- Shaders created using node base system (Amplify Shader)

- Terrain Shader simulates all the properties in the World Creator 2 Engine.

- Used to create an optimized method to import a landscape from World Creator 2 (High Performance)
  to be used in Unity Engine for mobile uses


Sea Shader (Unity Asset Store)

- Shaders created using node base system (Amplify Shader)

- A water shader with realistic wave movement and foams works on Mobile.

- Available in Asset Store

- Updated 2020/01/06 (



Now availalbe in asset store

Ironman Character Controller 2020


Personal Project made in Unity

Character Controller with Enemy AI (Work in Progress)

-Using various assets from asset stores and website. Created a mobile controller demo that may work with any navigation based scene.

- Customized already built controller to have additional features such attacks that interact with other objects in the scene

- Customized various particles from asset stores to best fit the Ironman style combat

- Created enemy AI with a custom shader that interacts when hit and killed

Monster Shader

- Shaders created using node base system (Amplify Shader)

- Monster blink when hit and disintegrate when HP reaches 0

Ironman Controller

- Customizing pre-made animations and particles to form animations and attack particles for Ironman 




Custom (Distance-based) LOD System for Unity

- Scripted to override Unity LOD Group System

Rather than having ambiguous distance value for LOD changing

User can input actual distance between camera and object

to Force LOD to certain group





(Top) Object forced to LOD2 regardless of what LOD Group shows




(Bottom) Object forced to LOD1 regardless of what LOD Group shows