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Environment Work

As Environment Artist I focus on creating immersive, visually compelling environments that enhance gameplay, storytelling, and player experience through detailed textures, modeling, level designs, and optimization.

Celestial Cycle
- Dynamic Day/Night System
- EcoLife NPC AI
- Four Seasons

Work in Progress
Series of Asset Developed for Asset Store.

  1. Dynamic Day-Night System

    1. Time of day system editable in real-time, implantable in 10 seconds of button clicks, completely compatible with any third-party asset, and doesn't involve any third-party plugins.

  2. EcoLife NPC AI

    1. NPC AI work with Time of Day system which can ​

      1. Dynamic Interactions: Talk with other nearby NPCs when closed to each other, Roam Designated areas set by Unity Spline

      2. Personal Needs with Stamina: Each action cost stamina, will seat in nearby chairs when tired, will go to bed in night and wake up in the morning.

  3. Four Seasons and Weather (Work in Progress)​​

    1. Environment Shader that can shift between different seasons​

      1. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: Different foliage will change according to different season. ​

      2. Rain / Snow: Ground will reflect different weather conditions. Rain Drops, Snow Cover, etc.

Available Soon

Dynamic Day-Night

Advanced NPC AI



Senior Environment / Technical Artist