Personal Work
City Simulation with Player Controller

Feb 2020 - Current

City Simulation in Unity. 

City/Player Simulation with Ironman as a player. Demo Scene created with various assets from Unity Asset Store.

Work Done
- Retextured many assets using Substance Alchemist

- Player Controller Script with various attack abilities and interaction
- Redesign and implement many different tools availalble in Asset Store (Traffic, Destruction, and more)

Rappelz M / El salvador
Jan 2017 - Current

Rappelz the Rift is Mobile MMORPG made in Unity. 

My Role: Lead 3D Enviroment Artist / Technical Artist

Rappelz the Rift

• 3D Environment Artist (Texturing, Sculpting, Outsource Management)

• Produced both static and dynamic props using 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance, and World Creator, and made some interactable using animators and event systems with some C# Scripting.
• Implemented various levels for MMORPG with Unity Engine, implementing assets, baking lights, and post-process.
• Created shaders using Amplify Shader (Unity)
• Managed and optimized art assets, and provided optimization guideline for target platform including optimization (LOD, Typology, Drawcall), PBR guideline, Graphic Options, as well as manuals for third party tools for mobile game development for both internal and outsourced art team and programmers.


Rappelz M

Released 2020/03/31

Rappelz the Rift CBT 2

Rappelz M 

Dungeun Traps

- Designed and created required traps for different dungeons

- C# Script for Traps

- Animation and Animator setting for traps
- Particle Effect for the traps
- Recreating models to fit the environment

El Salvador
2019 (Cancelled)


El Salvador is Mobile MMORPG made in Unity. 

Project Cancelled

My Role: Lead 3D Enviroment Artist / Level Designer

- 3D Environment Artist (Re-textured textures from diffuse shader to PBR Shader)


Resume 2019 Work


World Creator 2 Works

- Landscape created using World Creator 2

- Optimized for the mobile






World Creator 2


Optimized 1628 tris


World Creator 2


Optimized 1205 tris

Neon Challenge (Unity Connect)
Jan 2018

Sneakpunk 2018 made in Unity. This scene is remastered version of my previous project in 2013

Made for Unity Connect: NEON CHALLENGE


Stomprun is Mobile Run-Game made in Unity. 

My Role: 3D Generalist

- Character Modeling

- Character Animation

- Particle (FX)

- UI Animation

- Cinematics

Personal Work