Rappelz the rift / El salvador

Jan 2017 - Current

Rappelz the Rift CBT 2

Rappelz the Rift is Mobile MMORPG made in Unity

My Role: Lead 3D Enviroment Artist / Technical Artist

Rappelz the Rift

- 3D Environment Artist (Texturing, Sculpting, Outsource Management)

- Lead Technical Artist (Shader, Optimization)
- Level Designer (Dungeons)

Rappelz the Rift CBT 1

Art Direction changed after this

El Salvador

2019 (Cancelled)

El Salvador is Mobile MMORPG made in Unity

Project Cancelled

My Role: Lead 3D Enviroment Artist / Level Designer

- 3D Environment Artist (Re-textured textures from diffuse shader to PBR Shader)

Resume 2019


Goal: Create a resume that combine and show my skill set

World Creator 2 Works

- Landscape created using World Creator 2

- Optimized for the mobile





World Creator 2

Optimized 1628 tris

World Creator 2

Optimized 1205 tris

Neon Challenge (Unity Connect)

Jan 2018

Sneakpunk 2018 made in Unity. This scene is remastered version of my previous project in 2013

Made for Unity Connect: NEON CHALLENGE



Stomprun is Mobile Run-Game made in Unity

My Role: 3D Generalist

- Character Modeling

- Character Animation

- Particle (FX)

- UI Animation

- Cinematics

Personal Work